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Point Parking specialises in retail and high volume car park management and with over a decade of experience, the Point Parking team understand the high level of customer interaction required in these types of facilities. We have a proven record of significantly increasing all aspects of the operation of car parks; in site utilisation, improved customer experience and also financially. We understand the business needs of the facility and balance that need with a professional customer empathy.

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  • Point Parking opened its doors for business in December 2012.

Present Day

  • Point Parking is the newest and fastest growing Parking Management company in Australia.
  • Point Parking continues to expand their portfolio of managed car parks whilst maintaining the high levels of service that have been key to their success

It is your asset and it is our care

Point Parking is the newest and fastest growing Parking Management Company in Australia

Advanced Technologies

Based in Drummoyne, Point Parking operates a 24 hour control room utilising the latest technologies in access control equipment. Irrespective of equipment type, Point Parking has the ability to monitor, control and manage the car park remotely with support from our mobile team.

We also provide trained staff to manage car parks on a full time basis or on a peak demand basis. In support of the automated model, the Duty Supervisor, who is trained and fully equipped to resolve issues on site, patrols the car parks we manage.

Our Clients Are Our Partners

We work closely with clients providing expertise in parking management listening closely to ensure the parking experience matches the overall strategy and customer experience being achieved by the facility.

We understand that the car park is not the destination. It is a medium that enables the customer to reach the destination, but the overall experience begins and ends in the car park. It is the first and last experience of the customer, and that is why we strive to match the overall customer experience of the facility.

Experienced Management

Over the past ten years, the sophistication and strategic planning that goes into the car park has significantly increased. Facility owners realise that the customer journey no longer begins at the front door, but begins prior to the customer leaving home. The car park experience has become paramount in the overall customer experience of the facility.

The management team have over a decade in car park management. Experience includes designing, building and creating specifications for automated equipment, through to daily management and strategy creation in revenue maximisation and customer experience.

With strong experience and knowledge in shopping centre, retail and high volume car park management, we focus on driving a high customer experience, both for the owner and the customer. If the car park strategy is aligned with the facility strategy, the benefits are significant for all stakeholders.

Trained Customer Service

The highly experienced and trained customer service team that operates the control room have many years experience in high volume car park environments. You can expect the highest level of customer service when Point Parking is managing your facility.

Our team would be more than happy to discuss your parking requirements.

We are here to change the way you think about parking

We are passionate about our business and your car parking experience